Tree Trimming Price Chart

How much does it cost to trim a tree or trees?

This gives the average cost to have your tree or trees trimmed by S&S

3 Differnt methods to price tree trimming

​Cut and remove Hazardous branches over the house, car, fence, shed, neighbors property ect... This keeps your property and family safe, and can make you the best neighbor ever!



​​​$ 75-200



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Raising the Crown

​Removal of lower limbs to desired height. Cut and remove dead limbs, suckers, and water sprots. This is always good for trees near the house or over the driveway.
​​​$ 50-150






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Cut and remove dead limbs and hanging branches. This allows the sap to run to the healthy parts of the tree, keeping the tree healthy and hazard free.



​​​$ 50-100

$ 75-150


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Removal of Deadwood

​​Size of Tree

​Small-        0-10 ft.
​Medium- 10-30 ft.
​Large-      30-60 ft.
​X-Large-  60 ft. and up

​All Prices are suject to change at anytime. Final prices will be discussed during the estimate and contract process. ​We Don't Get Paid Until The Job Is Complete.

​Remember trimming your tree(s) make and keep them a asset to your property.

Tree Trimming Price Chart
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​Tree Removal Price Chart